I’m a consultant and a developer, saving you time and money. I’m a catalyst that converts ideas into digital reality.

Consulting and Strategy

Unlike most web developers, I can speak your language. I take the seemingly complex and make it appear simple. If you want to get your website or application to the next level, I can offer you expert advice and consulting. I’m not a salesman who throws buzzwords at you, I’m an expert computer programmer with a knack for communication and explanation.

If you require assistance with your web strategy, I can guide you toward a successful outcome, utilising the state of the art in online techniques and technology. I leverage best practices during architecture and building of your project, providing you with easy-to-use mechanisms for complete control of your content and data.

I can take your next web project from zero to hero or give an existing project the love and attention it needs to shine.

Consultation is charged, with resulting project work having this cost deducted.

Development Process

Once we’ve established the parameters and requirements of your project it’s time to start building.

For every website project I undertake, I ask for the following design documents at the outset:

  • a Photoshop Document that includes designs for every page layout that a user might see
  • a Wireframe document that explains each page and its elements with annotated diagrams

If you need an explanation of how to provide the above, feel free to ask when you get in touch.

My development process consists of the following phases:

  1. conversion of the PSD (Photoshop Document) into HTML and CSS files
  2. creating CMS (Content Management System) theme templates from the HTML
  3. setting up a CMS and theme templates to provide the desired functionality

The CMS I use for all of my projects is WordPress. A CMS lets you control the content on your website.

Bonus Features

As well as turning your design into a website, I also handle setting things up on your web server. When your website is ready to launch, I take care of all the technical aspects. This includes content and database migration, as well as server configuration.

During the development process I provide you with space on my web server so that you can preview the website while it is being built. I also provide a web interface for each project where you can post messages and ask questions. This feedback mechanism lets you oversee development and ensures your website is built to specification and to schedule.

What are you waiting for? If you have a website project, get in touch.